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by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"photo awards unionwep

International photography awards

"ALT"photo awards apex"



All my efforts to try to improve were recognized with an award that fills me even more with pride: the Apex Award. The winning photo belongs to the wedding between Aina and Victor at Finca Binissatí. It was at sunset after the ceremony. They trusted me and let themselves be photographed through a balloon. Aina and Victor are one of the couples who have impressed me most with their love for each other. It was a beautiful wedding and I am very happy that they have awarded this photo which also has no filter or retouching. The colors and the lights are what there was that magical afternoon for everyone.

"ALT"photo awards weddisson


A few months ago I was recognized by the Wedisson Awards with an international wedding photography prize. This motivated me even more in this work that I like to do so much.

I sent Noelia’s photo, she and Alex were married on September 30th.

For the occasion they chose the same church where their parents were married 40 years earlier in Mallorca. I really enjoyed capturing unforgettable moments at that wedding. One of them is in the photography award winning photo.

Noelia was getting ready. I don’t remember exactly how many women were in the room while she was preparing, but many. I’m sure about it.

They say any event is almost as fun and exciting before as during. I can say that this was the case here. The bride, instead of being nervous, was exultant with happiness. It was really great as an award-winning photographer in Mallorca to get some fantastic photos. They never stopped smiling.

"ALT"photo awards brazilian"


I am also the only Spaniard who has won the Wedisson Awards for the second time in a row, together with 39 other photographers from all over the world, China, the United States, Italy, India, etc.

The photograph that gave me the award has a beautiful story for me.

Bianca and Pedro are a Brazilian couple who during a cruise around Europe decided to photograph their love in Mallorca and chose me for it.

I was very happy that they awarded this work so full of feeling.

"ALT"photo awards bodasnet"


This award recognizes me as one of the best suppliers in the industry in this country. It is awarded to me as the best photography company and is given every year in Spain. This award reflects the relationship I have had with my couples this season. It is where they value my work and the personalization I make of each wedding.

More than 43,000 companies have opted for the award and only 5% have been awarded.

For six years has been awarding this prize to the best companies in the wedding sector in Spain.

It is awarded by the couples with their recommendations and evaluations. They take into account professionalism, service, value for money, response, flexibility…

I am very happy to have received this photography awards after a very intense season.

It’s an award that motivates me even more because it shows that the involvement I have in every wedding is recognized by the bride and groom. They are all very special to me and I try to do it as if they were unique.

My relationship with the bride and groom is always 100% personal and this is reflected in the final result.

We create an incredible bond all those hours we spend together. We live many sensations and situations, in each photo I try to capture them.

This award shows the trust that the couple has in me and I feel very proud.

"ALT"photo award Ziwa"


I was also awarded the Ziwa Award in 2019 by the prestigious wedding portal

The Ziwa Award recognizes me as one of the best wedding photographers in Mallorca and I am very proud of that. I am very proud to be an award photographer in Mallorca


Finally I was awarded in one of the most important international community for wedding photographers in the world.

One of them is the Indian wedding between Tom and Reshma that I did this year and that made me live very intense and beautiful moments.

"ALT"photo awards indian"

The other is a pre-wedding between professional basketball player Ryan and his fiancée Sophie. We spent two unforgettable days in Mallorca taking pictures and having a great time.

"ALT"photo awards americans

This season has been full of very positive things. After a long time in the sector, this has undoubtedly been the one that has seen the recognition of the effort made for many years. I have also been lucky enough to be published in several international magazines and to be commented on by very important bloggers in the bridal sector.


This new 2020 season starts with two new awards from Unionwep one of the most important wedding photographers’ websites.

One of the awarded photographs is of the beautiful Indian wedding.

"ALT"photo awards unionwep

The second prize is the photograph of Cristina and Hugo’s wedding. Taken while Cristina is getting ready with her beautiful dress.

"ALT"photo awards cristina

A great way to start the new season!

The best thing about this profession is the experience you have. These awards motivate me even more to be able to improve day by day.

Photographers awarded in Mallorca


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