by Inma del Valle
Product photographer in Mallorca cake

Product photographer in Mallorca

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About 8 years ago I was asked  to take pictures of apartments for the first time. . At the beginning, I wasn’t entirely convinced.

However, as soon as I arrived there, I remembered all those beautiful photos I had seen in architecture and decoration magazines.

If you’d told me earlier, I would have never imagined the satisfaction of seeing the result.

Some years ago, I decided to complete my Master degree in architecture and interior design with Jesús Alonso. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made with respect to photography.

Thanks to this master degree, I have been able to work for luxury real estate companies such as Engels and Völkers, Burger King among others.

Good photos of a place can usually make people choose a certain location for their destination.

Luckily or unfortunately, there are thousands of options offered by the island. As a photographer in Mallorca I enjoy the privilege of making photos that have been highly valued by those who hire my services.

After the apartments came the hotels, restaurants, luxury houses and also decoration shops. Making the most of all those places has been a very nice challenge.

Product photography in Mallorca.

With good product photos, you can make your customers or potential customers have the feeling of experimenting them without even having tried.

Good product photos can show all the features of the product, as well as attracting the user’s attention.

81% of Internet users recognize that the photographs offered by most online shops are small or poor quality.  Becoming one of the main reasons why they do not finally  make the purchase.

If you’re one of those who searchs in tripadvisor before going to a restaurant or shopping in a store, you’ll need photos that really show what you are offering.

As you know, food comes in through the eyes. If you are  doing a  really good job and the product has quality, the photographs should be as good as the images.

Contact us, we will advise you on the photographs you want to make and we will make you an estimate.

You have the possibility to send us your products to our studio, or we can also go wherever you need.

We will make the photographs according to the agreement we have reached, and we will show you the first images for your approval.

Firstly, we retouch the images and prepare them for the correct format of your website.

We deliver the files in jpg for web and the files in maximum resolution. Royalty-free and watermarked so you can use them wherever you want.

In essence, the aim of  product photography is to portray the isolated product. Usually with a neutral background (white, black or grey). Their usual destination is a printed catalogue or website.

Post-production is usually simple (fixing small product defects, stains, dust spots and balancing the lights, shadows, contrast and color).

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