Wedding photographer Málaga

by Inma del Valle
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Wedding photographer Málaga
Are you thinking of getting married in Málaga? Choosing a wedding photographer in this wonderful city is therefore one of the most important decisions you will have to make. Therefore, Inma del Valle will be the best choice you can make.
Not only for professional reasons, but also for personal reasons I have had to visit Málaga several times in the last year. Although I already knew almost all of Andalusia, I was pleasantly surprised by the beauty of this city.
To begin with, I have to say that not a single day has the temperature been below 18 degrees. What more can you ask for?  Besides, the sun always makes presence. As a photographer, I have to admit that this is a luxury. This light guarantees an endless source of good photos.
Secondly, I must highlight the thousands of enclaves one can encounter. 175 kilometers of coastline where you can find all kind of  beaches. Therefore, it is impossible not to please all possible visitors.
No wonder it has been included in the top 10 European cities with the best quality of life.
As a wedding photographer, it’s a real wonder to be able to work here. Guaranteed good weather, good light, good food, happy people… Impossible not to capture magical moments full of joy.
 On one hand, we may be taking photos of the pre-wedding enjoying the beach. And on the other hand, only one hour away, we can take the post-wedding in the mountains of Sierra Nevada.
Another of the most charming places as a frame for the photos would be moving you to the time of Al-Andalus in the Alcazaba. Undoubtedly, this mixture of history and charm in the same enclosure is synonymous with unforgettable photos.
If your story is different, your photographs should be different too. Every wedding we like to make it special, with a very personal style. We adapt the budget to your needs and although we do not live in Malaga we would move to the place you had chosen to make your dream come true.
Wedding photographer Málaga
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