Post-wedding session

by Inma del Valle
post wedding session kiss

Post-wedding session

Post-wedding session, Sol and Manolo in Lake Cúber, Mallorca.

post wedding session water

I love to do post-weddings because I already know the couples from their wedding’s day. They are relaxed and we have time to develop a nice session without all the stress of the wedding. I usually let them to choose where they want to do it.

Sometimes they have that special place where they met. Maybe the romantic sport where they got engaged. It is very emotional to hear their stories of how they got to know each other . I love to get personal with my couples. It creates an special conection and make the photographs much better.

Here in Mallorca we are lucky as the island offers many beautiful places. We have from the beaches that are as incredible as the Caribbean. To the countryside that is as beautiful as any in Scotland. We have snow and we have mountain as well. Just let run your imagination and you can find that place where to have fun. Post-wedding session is such a good time to enjoy with your couple doing things that maybe before you didn’t think of.

To start with, I had been wanting to take some pictures in the water for some time and this couple was so nice that they let me.

I always look for something original and creative in the post-weddings. If you look at my work I run away from classic photographs and look for something documentary and natural style.

In general, a good post-wedding session photographer has to tell stories and this is what fascinates me most about my work.

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Post-wedding in Mallorca: Mabel and Diego

Mabel and Diego wanted some original post-wedding session photographs and what better place than the snow to make them.We had a really fun day.

post wedding session kiss snow

post wedding session laying

post wedding session kiss snow

post wedding session standing

post wedding session playing

First of all, the bride arrived in the car with the dress “half dressed… “It wasn’t until then that I got the news that she was eight months pregnant…!!

Yes, as you have read, eight months and the dress fit! Well the zip at the back was a bit open but it didn’t matter.

In addition, it was an ideal environment for them to bring out the great love they have for each other.

post wedding session black

post wedding session hair

Luckily, we had a day with an incredible light. If there is one thing I love, it is to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the bride and groom on a post-wedding session day. I made them play with the snow and to be foolish. They enjoyed as kids like if trying to get rid of all the stress they had from the wedding. We have a great conection so is much easier to tell them what I want them to do and they trust me.

post wedding session sweet

post wedding session back

Post-wedding photographer Mallorca: Cris and Carlos

post wedding session blue

post wedding session port

post wedding session looks

post wedding session happy

post wedding session garden

post wedding session dress

post wedding session road

First of all, the post-wedding of Cris and Carlos was carried out in the beautiful Cathedral of Mallorca.

This couple preferred to have their post-wedding session photographs taken with party outfits and not with their wedding outfits. I found it really original and when they came both in blue I loved it.

They let me take their pictures in the streets and we had the opportunity of shooting different angles.It was different which is something I like as every couple for me is special.

I try to do every shooting in a very personal way reflecting how they are and what they like.

Luckily, we had a splendid day and were able to enjoy the surroundings of the port of Mallorca.

I am lucky enough to live in a privileged place and to be able to use all its landscapes.



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