Postweddings Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Postweddings Mallorca

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Last week we were lucky enough to be back with Ana and Joanmi. After the beautiful wedding they had they went on their honeymoon to Japan. We agreed that on their return we were going to do their post-wedding.

We were looking forward to it as in their wedding day we had a great time.

It’s a couple we love for their naturalness and friendliness. They have a great compenetration and know each other very well. Postweddings in Mallorca are very enjoyable.

On the day of the wedding we looked forward to taking more pictures of them. In Son Berga we had the opportunity to take some beautiful ones. The spectacular views of the Finca at the top gave a lot of game. Later in the banquet area at night we took advantage of the lighting. The photos were very romantic and beautiful.

Postwedding shooting

For the postwedding they wanted to go to an area of sea and rocks. I thought it was great and as I don’t usually repeat place in the photo sessions, we picked Ses Salines. It is an ideal place for them as a couple. It is romantic and at the same time very representative of postweddings in Mallorca.

Once there, we greeted each other with a few kisses and caught up. They had loved Japan, especially the food. It’s a place I’d really like to go. So I’m sure we’ll meet again to be recommended good places.

I like to do different things for each couple in photo shoots. So I had asked them to bring two bottles of cava and glasses to take some pictures with them. I had also calculated the time of sunset for the light.

Just when they were prepared with the bottles something funny happened. Suddenly the corks flew away without any preparation. They seemed to have a life of their own. They didn’t know what to do in that moment with cava coming out in all directions. In postweddings in Mallorca sometimes curious situations occur.

Apart from laughing a lot because it was a funny situation. We had to run to the village to buy more bottles. We learned that this brand is made of easy cork and we had to be careful. The next time we tried to take the picture, it was perfect.

Sunset in Mallorca

Ana and Joanmi made everything easy and with the sun setting spectacular photos came out. In postwedding Mallorca offers incredible places.

In spite of the fact that they were a bit ill from so much travelling, they behaved like professional models.

The dress was perfect for Ana and she looked beautiful with such a long and beautiful tail. Joanmi looked elegant in his suit with such a beautiful colour.

As time went by and the sun went down we took good advantage of the light. Between the rocks had formed puddles of water that produced very beautiful reflections.

We had a great time and once we finished we said goodbye to them with two kisses. It had been delighted to see them again. We do have to meet again to talk about their trip to Japan and have a drink.

Postweddings Mallorca


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