Professional model book Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"book profesional modelo mallorca actitud"

Professional model book Mallorca

Many times I am lucky to meet extraordinary people as a professional photographer in Mallorca. This was a special occasion because it was definitely a gift. It just happened one day in a restaurant that I noticed this girl who worked there. Immediately realized that she has something very special and I told her that she had to have a professional model book in Mallorca.

"ALT"book profesional modelo mallorca espalda"

I gave her my phone number and one day we met for a drink. Her name is Joy and she is Cuban although she has been here in Spain for quite some time. As soon as you talk to her you realize that she is all heart. You fall in love with her and her way of being, just like that. She is very open and sincere, the kind of person that is hard to find. I convinced her to come to the studio to take some pictures.

"ALT"book profesional modelo mallorca actitud estudio"

Undoubtedly, besides being a good person and charming, she has an incredible physique. Just her smile and her look are enough because she has a natural talent.

Professional fashion photographer Mallorca

"ALT"book profesional modelo mallorca globos"

I asked her to bring plenty of clothes to the studio for wardrobe changes as I always ask. Usually always advise to bring something casual, something elegant and a good suit or dress. She brought a lot of things that we could use for this professional Mallorca model book.

"ALT"book profesional modelo mallorca con vino"

I became very interested in everything she did and was interested in. She has her mother and sister here in Mallorca and she gets along very well with them. Another part of her family is still in Cuba in the conditions we all know. As we were talking I was taking pictures of her and she was laughing out loud. She is so cute that I realized all the potential she has. Joy looked good in every picture and in every position. Of course she loves to dance, we played songs she likes and she gave it her all.

"ALT"book profesional modelo mallorca actitud mirada"

It was the first time she had her picture taken and she was in front of a professional photographer in Mallorca. That is sometimes intimidating and not easy but she handled it very well. Also, with me you don’t have to know how to pose at all, I’m directing. I do it in a way that makes it fun and enjoyable, and before she knew it she had already taken a lot of great photos.

"ALT"book profesional modelo mallorca con gafas"

Professional photography books Mallorca

When we finished the photo session, which I loved, I told her I wanted her to come back for another one. So we made a date for another day and this time I even prepared red balloons for her. She had brought a super nice black dress that went very well with the orange-yellow background I had prepared for her. It was so much fun to blow up the balloons and have her dancing in her lace top.

"ALT"book profesional modelo mallorca actitud con traje"

As I took pictures of her, I realized that this woman could do great things. I was already seeing her in big advertising campaigns all over the world. She has an innate elegance and does well in everything I propose to her. The fashion world is quite difficult and you have to know which agencies to contact and be disciplined. With a bit of luck she can even be on the catwalk or in catalogs for the big brands in no time.

"ALT"book profesional modelo mallorca cubana"

I set up a kind of table with a coffee to take some more editorial photos. With some very cool glasses that she had brought with her, I took her front and back pictures. Her braided hairstyle looked great and highlighted the features of her face.

"ALT"book profesional modelo mallorca cafe"

Professional book in Mallorca

A few days later I had the photos picked out and retouched. She came home to show them to her and have a drink. She loved them all and didn’t believe she was herself. If Joy is guilty of anything it is humility and not believing it. I tried to convince her that she had to present all these photos to the agencies I had prepared for her. Especially the important international ones. No doubt they were going to notice her and she would be able to dedicate herself to this and earn money.

"ALT"book profesional modelo mallorca"

Now that we’re past the pandemic there are so many opportunities for new models. The advertising world is very active and all kinds of things are being shot. Agencies need new faces all the time, so you have to seize the moment. Now that spring is just around the corner it’s the perfect time to get a book.

Professional book photographer Mallorca

"ALT"book profesional modelo mallorca mirando al frente"

It’s important to first find a good professional photographer you can trust. One who knows how to bring out all that you have with all your different personalities. Agencies are looking for all kinds of faces with different personalities that know how to adapt to what they are looking for. They’re not just looking for a pretty face or a smile. They look for all kinds of people and adapt to what the client wants. It could be a product, a brand of clothing or something else.

"ALT"book profesional modelo mallorca actitud sentada"

No doubt Joy has those special qualities and would look good in everything. We will soon see her in magazines, fashion shows and catalogs. I was delighted to be able to make her this professional book model Mallorca. We will keep in touch all the time and she will be telling me everything she does. I wish her the best of luck.

"ALT"book profesional modelo mallorca "

Professional model book Mallorca

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