German wedding photographer Mallorca

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"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca"

German wedding photographer Mallorca

We have known this couple for almost three years now. They contacted me before the Pandemic. They are Camila and Alex, an amazing couple who just wanted me as their german wedding photographer in Mallorca. She is from Bolivia and he is german, they live in Munich, Germany.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca fotos finca son mesquida nou"

We had the opportunity to meet once they came to Mallorca in 2019. We had a coffee together and immediately connected. The energy and happiness they had when telling me all their plans was contagious. They had hired Blanca from Nicober Bodas y Eventos as their wedding planner for their international wedding in Mallorca. Having her was a guarantee that everything would be perfect.

For them, who have a lot of family and friends far away, it was going to be a great celebration.


"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca zona ceremonia son mesquida nou"

Wedding at Finca Son Mesquida Nou

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca whisky momento"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca preparativos novio"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca whisky"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca preps novio amigos"

We arranged to meet again at the wedding, which would definitely be at the Finca Son Mesquida Nou. Just a couple of weeks before we would have had Jean Pierre and Manuel’s wedding there, so we would have had it recently. It is one of the most beautiful wedding finca’s in Mallorca and one of the best kept. I love being able to work there. Besides, they were going to have Tot a Punt as caterer with Joanna at the front and they always do a great job.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca vestido novia"

They wanted this German wedding in Mallorca to be a party from start to finish. The music and dance part was very important for them, LoMusic was going to take care of it. So it was going to be a very special wedding and we were really looking forward to it.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca preparativos son mesquida nou"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca novia bridesmaids"

German wedding photographer Mallorca

Unfortunately the Pandemic arrived and the wedding had to be postponed. In spite of that we still had the same illusion and kept in touch. Even once it was allowed, they came to Mallorca and we were able to do a pre-wedding. It was a joy to be able to see them and take some pictures. We had a lot of fun during the session and had a great time. We even jumped over a wall together to get to be in a beautiful field and have a lot of laughs.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca diversión novia"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca novia feliz"

German wedding in Mallorca

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca ramo y anillos"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca elegante novia"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca traje novia 2"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca traje novia"

September arrived and with it their wedding. The previous days the weather had been a little weird with clouds and some rain. They were afraid they were going to have a rainy wedding but I reassured them. I have not had a rainy wedding yet and this was not going to be the first one. We woke up looking forward to a great day. It was a little cloudy but it was great because between that and the light wind we didn’t feel the heat.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca letrero ceremonia"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca detalles ceremonia"

Alex was waiting for us with his groomsmen already dressed very smartly. He was wearing a light-colored Karl Lagerfeld suit with matching brown shoes. His friends had brought whiskey to cheer him up and get the party started from the beginning.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca novio esperando altar"

We were in the covered area where there is space and great light. They were joking with each other and the whiskey toasts were flying. Alex was a little nervous but very happy, looking forward to the party. We left them at a table outside quietly in the shade trying to avoid the heat. We went to see Camila who was waiting for us with her bridesmaids in the main room of the casita.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca entrada novia"

Bridal preparations in Mallorca

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca encuentro altar"

Her mother Teresa was there happily snapping everything with her cell phone. Camila’s friends helping her where they could, smiling all the time. They had gotten a big fan to have some air in that room. Getting married in the middle of summer in Mallorca has these things, it’s hard to be glamorous in the heat.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca miradas ceremonia"

Los invitados empezaron a venir poco a poco y eran recibidos por parte de Alex. Tot a Punt había preparado un welcome drink con limonada y agua para refrescarlos.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca ceremonia invitados"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca ceremonia invitada"

The whole ceremony area was ready under the bougainvillea. The floral decoration was beautiful by Floraevent and all the chairs were in place. Blanca with Susana from Nicober made the final arrangements and invited everyone to sit down.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca pareja ceremonia"

Alex made his entrance with his mother and father on his arm and prepared to see Camila. She also entered with her mother and father, all excited. She was almost in tears. They gathered at the altar happy to finally be there after all they had been through.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca de la mano"

Ceremony and couple photos

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca beso ceremonia"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca risas en ceremonia"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca vista ceremonia"

It was a ceremony conducted by Camila’s aunt and a friend of theirs in German and Spanish. Many comments were made about love and how to try to live life as a couple. After saying “I do” they left happily holding hands and receiving all the petals that were thrown at them. We took them immediately to do the couple photos for this german wedding photographer Mallorca.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca felices fotos pareja"

I love a huge field in the Finca Son Mesquida Nou, one of the most beautiful wedding finca in Mallorca, the light with the sun in front gives it a very romantic air. They were happy and totally in love with each other. It was very easy as they are wonderful together and I quickly took them. I don’t like to take couples away for an hour and have them miss part of the wedding so we got back to the cocktail party as quickly as possible.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca fotos pareja"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca beso con amor"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca sesión de pareja"

Cocktail and banquet wedding in Mallorca

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca entrada cóctel"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca cóctel son mesquida nou"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca cóctel"

They were greeted by everyone and toasted with champagne. There were kisses and hugs from everyone happy to be there with them. Many guests had not seen each other for a long time and came from all over the world. They had traveled a whole day or more and you could feel all the excitement, it was beautiful.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca felicitaciones cóctel"

They enjoyed the catering food stations around the pool. Even some with Mexican margaritas and tacos that I asked them to save me for dinner. There was some speeches by Alex’s dad and we moved on to the banquet area.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca manteando al novio"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca felicitaciones"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca discursos"

The tables and decorations were amazing, the garlands with their lights made everything look great at this German wedding in Mallorca. I always insist a lot on the theme of lighting that makes a big difference when it is good and beautiful. The atmosphere it creates for everyone and the ambiance for the photos and video is great and fundamental.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca finca son mesquida nou"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca zona banquete"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca detalle mesas"

There were speeches from Camila’s father and Alex’s brother translated into German and Spanish. Everyone was smiling happily sharing philosophical phrases about love. From there we went to the party area where the couple did their first dance. Then they were joined by all the guests dancing and singing and enjoying the music.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca beso banquete"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca emociones banquete"

It was time to leave and we thanked Camila and Alex for all their confidence. It has been amazing to finally live their big day and we wish them all the happiness in the world, we are sure to see them when they come back to Mallorca.

"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca discurso novia"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca discurso novio"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca banquete invitados"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca invitada banquete"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca invitados banquete"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca finca son mesquida nou noche"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca fiesta"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca primer baile"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca beso bn"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca baile discoteca novia"
"ALT"boda alemana en mallorca invitada disco"

German wedding photographer in Mallorca

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