Couple shoot in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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"ALT"couple shoot in mallorca love"

Couple shoot in Mallorca

This season has been for all known reasons very difficult and strange. All the weddings we were going to do with such enthusiasm have been postponed and many couples have had to adapt. As a photographer in Mallorca I was very sorry because I really wanted to do them. However, I have been able to do other special things such as this couple shoot in Mallorca.

I love this couple that I present to you today. They live in Germany and she is from Colombia and he is German. It’s one more proof that love is universal and can always appear. It doesn’t matter the nationalities or the place. In this couple shoot in Mallorca they have shown me this once again.

"ALT"couple shoot in mallorca"

First contact in Mallorca

We were going to have their wedding last summer and it was going to be amazing. We met them both here in Palma on a trip they took to choose the Finca where they were going to be married. Besides, meeting the suppliers, trying out the catering etc.

As a wedding photographer in Mallorca I always love to meet my partners in person. Even if they lived abroad in Germany, I was lucky enough to meet them here. But there are times when other couples can’t come for one reason or another and I always skype or facetime with them. For me it is essential to have a direct contact from the beginning so that we can get to know each other better.

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If my couples live here in Mallorca I meet them several times. We go to see the Finca or the place where they are going to get married together. It is a great opportunity if it is not a place I know to see the spaces where everything is going to take place. If I already know the place, which is what happens most of the time, I can show them and advise where it would be best to take the couple’s photos after the ceremony.

Personalized photos in Mallorca

As a photographer in Mallorca I always try to do different things with each couple as they are not all the same. Their tastes and the theme of each wedding varies. That’s why I personalize each wedding a lot and go with them so that everything is perfect. I don’t want them to miss a single minute of this great day and I try to make sure that the photos of the couple before the cocktail party don’t take up too much of their time. I am very fast and having everything organized as I like in 20 minutes I can take many spectacular photos. This way we finish quickly and they can enjoy the cocktail that is one of the most important parts of a wedding.

"ALT"couple shoot in mallorca tree"

Also when we go to the Finca I advise you about the lighting on the wedding day. It is without doubt one of the most important things for the atmosphere on that day and for the photos that will come out.

Sometimes I recommend that if you want to take more photos together you can make a couple shoot in Mallorca. It can be like this one today dressed informally or if you want a post-wedding with the costumes you wear at the wedding.

"ALT"couple shoot in mallorca dance"

Every wedding is special in Mallorca

In addition to meeting to see the place of the wedding we also meet to have a coffee or some cañas and get to know each other better. I always like to ask them and find out about the members of each family. To know who they are and to be told if they have favourite nephews or that grandmother they grew up with etc. Also about the friends who are going to come, who is going to sit at the wedding table, if there are any surprises, gifts etc.

For this couple shoot in Mallorca I met them and we had a coffee near the port. I immediately found them charming. Being Colombian, she wanted a lot of music at her wedding. She wanted it to be a party from start to finish. She loves to dance too, so I was looking forward to having a great time and giving it my all. They are a couple that I would love to have closer to me so that I could meet more times.  

"ALT"couple shoot in mallorca looks"

Couple shoot in Mallorca

They were unlucky that the Covid did not make it possible to celebrate. So they decided that they wanted to have a pre-wedding and have this couple shoot in Mallorca. This summer they came from Germany and we took the opportunity to do so.

We met in Esporlas which is a beautiful town here in Mallorca near Palma. They wanted some pictures full of countryside and trees and that area is full. I chose a place near the village that I loved as soon as I saw it. I try not to repeat a place in every couple shoot in Mallorca that I make. To access this site you had to jump over a small stone wall. When we met they had dressed for the occasion and were very elegant and beautiful. They are such a beautiful and friendly couple that I fell in love with them from the very beginning.  

"ALT"couple shoot in mallorca countryside"

Couple shoot in Mallorca

When we parked and saw each other, we were very happy. They also told us that they had just adopted a puppy. As you know, I’m an animalist and I have my dog Noah, who is a love and the best thing in the world. So they started to tell me all about the puppy they had just adopted and they were very excited.

We jumped over the wall on one side, which was easy, and found some very beautiful trees in the field. Although he is German, he has learned Spanish, which I think is wonderful. So between jokes and a lot of laughs we got on with the couple shoot in Mallorca.  

"ALT"couple shoot in mallorca kiss"

As a photographer in Mallorca I don’t like forced poses. You can see this in many photo sessions in the blog. I try to make the photos as natural as possible so I make the couples do fun things. Between games and other things we had a great time and some very nice photos of both of them came out. When the sunset was almost over and the light went out, we finished the session.

Now they have this beautiful memory of this time in their lives that will never be forgotten. They are an incredible couple and I will love to see them again, I hope very soon. I thank them and wish all the best for the new year.

Couple shoot in Mallorca

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