Destination weddings in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Destination weddings in Mallorca

Every year I am seeing more and more of my couples coming from outside the island. Most of them are foreigners who come to get married in Mallorca for one reason or another. And I love this!

It is wonderful how I have this year for example weddings from all countries and cultures. They usually contact me and I always propose a video-call because being away is the best and most personal way. When I talk to them I tell them how I work and ask all the details of their wedding. Of course I ask why they have chosen to have a destination wedding in Mallorca.

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They almost always agree on two things, perhaps they have been here before on vacation and have fallen in love with it. Other times they choose it because it is a wonderful spot where flights from all over the world arrive. That way they take advantage of it and then they all stay a few days of vacation enjoying Mallorca.

International weddings in Mallorca

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The best thing about destination weddings in Mallorca for me as a wedding photographer is the cultural richness. Depending on where you come from the traditions are different and the wedding day is super special. This year I had a Filipino one which was a lot of fun.

Without a doubt, one of the most magical ones I’ve had is a two-day Indian wedding. It was a couple that she is Indian and he is British, they live in London. They gathered all their family and friends in Mallorca, more than 250 people. The first day was a European style wedding with the classic traditions. The second day was the Indian wedding with all kinds of rites.

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They had built a mandap all decorated with flowers and spectacular fabrics. As wedding planners they had chosen A White hot wedding who organized everything perfectly. Starting with the bride’s preparations and continuing with the two hour ceremony, I really enjoyed it. This season I will be able to experience another Indian wedding and I am looking forward to it.

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Also as a destination wedding photographer I travel all over the world for weddings. For example last season I had a beautiful intimate wedding in Amalfi, Italy. The bride was Russian and the groom was English, they live in London. They contacted me through Italian wedding planners MrandMrsweddinginitaly, it was a great and very romantic wedding.

Guests came from all over the world for the occasion which was like a magical fairy tale because of the location and the couple. I love being able to go to different places and photograph such important moments so that they have it as the best memory of that day.

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This season I repeat in Italy as a destination wedding photographer since I have one in La Scala. It is a village next to Ravello and this time the couple comes from the United States. It is sure to be very special and it is a very intimate wedding with 26 guests, which is perfect. I always prefer weddings with few guests because the couple then has time to enjoy everything and everyone. Besides, there are those who have to be without invitations because of commitment.

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Destination weddings in Mallorca

This year we have couples coming from the United States who did not know the island before. Thanks to new direct flights they can come more comfortably and enjoy the island. We have a couple of very nice girls coming and we are looking forward to meeting them in person.

For them having a destination wedding in Mallorca is without a doubt a great choice. There are incredible fincas and first class professionals who will help them with everything. They can choose from a wide variety of styles and venues that they might not have in their home town. For example, we also have one from New York since her father has been living here for some time.

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Besides I will be able to enjoy again Irish couples who are always super charming and also Mexican. There will also be a couple of Italian-Spanish guys, with Juliets as Wedding planners, undoubtedly the best of the island. With them we also have a Korean couple that is very promising and I am looking forward to doing it. Mexican-German couples that are a love and we already met them in person. And one of the craziest is going to be without a doubt the two incredibly handsome and nice Croatian guys who are going to be a party from the beginning to the end. Very Croatian style with dancing all the time.

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Wedding photography Mallorca

I like to do few weddings a year and be able to dedicate a lot of time to each one. I personalize all the details and I study each couple very well. Their tastes, their families, their history and style above all. Each couple is unique and not all weddings can be done in the same way.

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Also, since there are many unique and original details for destination weddings in Mallorca I like to give them a lot of time. I want everything to be perfect because I know the effort that each couple makes. In the end, the memories they will keep will be photos that will remind them of the special moments they experienced that day. They will never be repeated nor will they gather so many people to celebrate.

That’s why I love wedding photography in Mallorca and being able to be an important part of such a special day for so many couples. When I send them the retouched photos and they tell me how much they enjoy them, I am the happiest person in the world!

Destination weddings in Mallorca

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