Wedding photographers in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Wedding photographers in Mallorca

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English wedding in Mallorca

It was a hot June day when as wedding photographers in Mallorca we went to Ben and Chloe’s wedding. They live in Santa Ponsa in a very nice apartment that represents them very much. We were going to meet Ben there and take pictures of his preparations. He told us that he would be in good company. When we arrived his brother and one of his best friends were there with him.

As wedding photographers in Mallorca we love this kind of weddings.

As he is English we expected a little more shyness, but that was not the case. There was very good vibes between them and us. We started taking pictures right away as they made jokes and had a good time. The result as you can see was the kind of pics I love very natural and very spontaneous.

Ben had a very good time and between one thing and another we got him prepared. He was very handsome in his linen suit. Nervous at the same time as he wanted to see Chloe who was at her mother’s house.<

The ceremony and celebration would be at her mother’s home . Chloe had spent a lot of time and effort preparing everything herself. She wanted it to be the wedding of her dreams and when we met with them a few months earlier we realized as wedding photographers in Mallorca that it would be so.

She was very clear about how she wanted everything. So when we got to her mother’s place and saw all the decor we loved it , it was all beautiful.

Bride’s preparations

She immediately came to greet us and introduced us as wedding photographers in Mallorca to her bridesmaids. She was radiant and excited asking for Ben. Immediately we went up to her mother’s room, which is large and has a big window. When we go to the bride’s house for her preparations we always prefer places like this. With space and light, without a lot of things for the bride to look perfect and beautiful on her big day.

The dress she had chosen was spectacular. She had already sent us a photo because we always ask for it from the brides. I like to know as photographers in Mallorca what style they are going to have. I always prepare something special for them. Her dress was beautiful with a tail and a bow in the back incredible.

We took pictures of details and the fun went up, cava and glasses came out. With the help of her bridesmaids she began to prepare. Her mother also joined in and among them all Chloe finally saw herself with the dress on. She was beautiful, she looked amazing. Naturally her mother started crying and it was a very emotional moment.

Groom waiting

Ben was already downstairs receiving the guests. The ceremony would start and everything was ready. Little by little everyone took a seat. Chloe had decorated the entrance to the house in such an original way that it looked like a fairy tale. The ceremony was going to be in a very magical and romantic place.

Ben put himself in his place and waited for her to make the entrance. You could tell how much he is in love with her and he was thrilled to see her. She looked beautiful with a smile from side to side. We were loving this wedding as wedding photographers in Mallorca.

Wedding ceremony

The ceremony was very sweet and fun. The exit was beautiful and then we went to the garden where the cocktail would be. Everyone approached them to congratulate and give them a kiss. Then we took a few minutes with the couple to take a series of photos among the flowers of the garden. They made a very beautiful couple.

Everything developed in a very pleasant way with live music and the catering delighted everyone with many types of food. Then came a great paella. Everything was informal without tables and people sitting in the garden. There was room for everyone as Chloe had planned every detail perfectly.

Even a couple of piñatas delighted the children by exploding and filling everywhere with candy. It was a good opportunity as wedding photographers in Mallorca. There were also speeches where Ben dedicated more than a page to how they got to know each other. It was very funny and sentimental. Chloe’s mother also dedicated a few words to them. She was happy to see her daughter enjoy this special day.

The time for the dance arrived and they did theirs very romantically and slowly. Ben was in charge of putting the music to the party as a dj and all the guests joined them.

It was time to leave for us and we gave them a big hug and wished them all the happiness in the world. We had loved this special and romantic wedding.

Wedding photographers in Mallorca

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