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"ALT"wedding awards 2021 sello"

Winner wedding Awards 2021

What great news I received this week, I am the winner of the wedding awards 2021, I am super happy to have won again for the third year in a row. I have won thanks to the recommendations of all my couples who support me: celebrates the 8th edition of the prestigious Wedding Awards, in which more than 48,000 companies registered on the portal participate. In this edition, in an exceptional way, the best professionals of both 2019, the last wedding season held normally, and 2020, in which they have had to reschedule and provide service to couples in extraordinary conditions, are recognized.

The Wedding Awards are the only prizes in the sector awarded based on the opinions of couples who have married, and that is precisely where their value lies. The awarded Inma del Valle , in the Photography category, has won the Wedding Awards 2021, which recognizes her as one of the professionals most recommended by the couples of

Winner photographer Inma del Valle

Inma del Valle Photography, a professional reference for weddings in Palma de Mallorca, has been awarded with the Wedding Awards 2021 in the Photography category. A great recognition of both her career and the good work done in the weddings held that accredits her as one of the best wedding suppliers in the country. Inma del Valle Photography, has a total of 43 opinions in its showcase in and the average score given by couples who have organized their wedding with them is 5.0 out of 5.0.

"ALT"wedding awards 2021"

Although it has been a very complicated year, I have been able to have some weddings that have been very special and emotional. This whole situation we are going through has helped us to realise that we have to live now and not leave it for later.

Whenever I talk to my couples I always recommend them not to cancel or postpone their weddings and to adapt. We live in a world where we have seen such sad things. That is why it is better to enjoy today without delay by adapting to the security measures that are in place.

For example, being able to spend a day with your loved ones at an intimate wedding and giving them all the time you deserve. You have to consider that smaller weddings are much more enjoyable than large weddings with many guests.

There are those who have to be there, those who are closest to you. Those people you are in contact with every day and maybe you don’t have the opportunity to spend such an incredible day with them. Your relatives who mean the world to you and are the ones you most want to share that day with.

Intimate and unforgettable weddings

As a wedding photographer and winner of the weddings awards 2021, I can tell you that we have lived unforgettable moments. Older people who have lived the wedding with so much emotion as we have never seen before. The bride and groom enjoying themselves totally involved and with smiles from ear to ear.

You have to realize that as we said in this post on my blog last week, it is urgent to live now and not leave anything for later. Not only in terms of weddings but all those plans that we have and want to do. Also, make the people we have next to us feel that they are important and tell them how much we love them.

Just because the celebration is bigger or with more people doesn’t mean more. All the suppliers in the wedding industry will help you to plan your day. We will make it as easy as possible for you by helping each other.

A beautiful day

Sometimes we are overwhelmed by date changes that we wish we could do but can’t. So with empathy and good faith, we will help you to plan the day. That’s why with empathy and good faith between all of us we can organise that day to be one of the most beautiful days of your life.

The wedding awards 2021 motivate us even more to give our all and share with you everything we have. It is not only the day of the wedding, but there is a very important preparation and beforehand. We dedicate many hours and effort to each wedding because we love it and we want everything to be perfect.

As a wedding photographer in Mallorca I personalize each wedding and give the utmost importance to each one. For me it is also a special and unique day.

Enjoying every moment

I tell my couples that you have to live the wedding and enjoy it, not just on the day. Everything that is done before can be just as rewarding. Sharing with your friends the preparation of every detail. As it is an intimate wedding you can have personal touches with each guest and make them feel important. Perhaps put personal notes at each place setting. You can choose songs and dedicate them at a special moment of the wedding. Dance with each person and above all dedicate more time to your partner.

In big weddings often the bride and groom get lost in the crowd. They go from group to group talking to the guests and don’t spend much time together. We see this constantly at every wedding we have had in the past. They only get to be together when they sit together at the reception and not much more. That’s why we have to see the advantages and good things about what we are experiencing and adapt.

Intimate weddings

I have even had couples who, thanks to being able to make the wedding smaller and more intimate, have been able to take a big trip afterwards. They had a super big wedding with many guests and by making it smaller with the money they had left they went on a honeymoon to the Caribbean. Otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to. It’s a fantastic way to adapt to the changes that are happening right now.

I would like to thank 2021 wedding awards for continuing to support all of us in the industry. They are a great international portal where you can find the best professionals for sure.

Of course I want to thank all my couples, the ones I have had so far and the future ones. I enjoy my work very much and I am very lucky to have made some great friendships thanks to it. I hope that soon we will be able to see each other again in a different way, but until then we have to adapt and not put life on hold. We must celebrate whenever we can and not postpone or cancel.

I am looking forward to photographing unforgettable moments again and giving my all at every wedding.

Wedding Awards 2021

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