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"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca foto artística"

Wedding editorial in Mallorca

Last year and part of this year, as it was a totally forgettable and atypical period, I had time to do other interesting things. On this island there are some great professionals and being able to collaborate with them is something I always enjoy very much.

In this case we are talking about a wedding editorial in Mallorca organized by the great wedding planners Juliet’s Historias y Eventos.

"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca"

Since 2016 they have been organising and designing Love Trends Mallorca, an editorial that they do every year showing the new trends for future couples. It is a very interesting way to reflect the philosophy that they have as professionals and thus guide the bride and groom. In the other hand, often they are lost in thousands of ideas and concepts, which is why they need the help of the best professionals.

"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca piscina Osa Mayor"

Getting married is very exciting and magical but it can be stressful if you don’t find the right professionals. Above all, it is important that they guide you and help you in all the decisions you have to make. Every couple has their own style, traditional or classic, maybe they are more boho or daring. In addition, every year the bridal industry presents its trends and these vary according to the fashions or advances in the sector.

"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca rosa clará"

Great professionals in Mallorca

Professionals like Juliet’s are aware of all this and manage to help many couples every year to have the wedding they have always dreamed of. They personalize each wedding in a unique way, giving the utmost importance to every detail. They will give you solutions to every problem that arises and they will organise everything in such a way that all you have to do is look forward to the big day.

"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca detalle del ramo"

This wedding editorial in Mallorca was very well organized from the beginning and they asked me if they could count on me, which made me very excited. It took place in the summer in July and there were many other great professionals participating.

The concept was to be an EcoMediterranean wedding where everything natural and fresh was the main focus. All the elements of the editorial would be made by artisans from the island with sustainable and organic products. As Juliet’s says they wanted to make a wedding editorial in Mallorca that would reflect how a wedding can be more conscious in all aspects.

"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca preparativos en jardín"

Wedding editorial in Mallorca

One of them is to be able to enjoy every minute without rushing in a totally relaxed atmosphere where time stands still. They want to reach those couples who are looking for something unique and special on their wedding day while respecting the environment. All the decoration and products used are of the highest quality and at the same time ecological.

"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca novia en bañera"

For this editorial we chose a very emblematic finca in terms of the environment. The Finca Osa Mayor is one of the most representative of the message of this wedding editorial in Mallorca. It is like an oasis in the middle of nature where you find peace and inner balance. It hosts weddings and events as well as serving as an ideal location for yoga retreats

"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca preparativos"

Editorial Day

We went to the farm early in the morning, gradually all the suppliers started to arrive. It’s great when you get to meet new people in this industry and have the chance to work with them. There were also other professionals that I have worked with before and I always love to be able to do it again.

"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca ramo"

Cata from Bombillas y Flores was already setting up all the wonderful decoration in a way that only she knows how. We were going to use Jaiak tableware which is super elegant and at the same time looked great in such a rural and natural setting.

"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca bombillas y flores"

Vanesa and Neus from Juliet’s were very happy that this day had arrived that they had planned with so much enthusiasm. The model Laura was happy to be in this wedding editorial in Mallorca and I wanted to be able to take spectacular pictures of her.

That day I was lucky enough to have Arantxa Rustarazo as my partner for the video. She and her husband Emilio are one of the best video companies on the island and I was looking forward to working with her.

"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca "


Little by little they were doing Laura’s make-up and hair, both Elena Castrillo and Chus Fuster were making her look very pretty and in line with the philosophy of the editorial, very Mediterranean. The dress was going to be by Rosa Clará, another great company in the sector that more and more bets for elegant and natural brides.

"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca escaleras"

Vanesa and Neus from Juliet’s were attentive to all the details and finishing the last preparations so that everything was perfect. The truth is that as well as being great professionals they are charming and friendly, they make the working atmosphere fabulous. That is always very important as you work much better having people like them by your side.

"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca sombrero"

Perfect organisation

The jewellery by Hachevarela was already prepared and was very beautiful and perfect for this wedding editorial in Mallorca. We also had Antic Mallorca as a special perfume for the bride, ArtJoana headpieces and Lisa Lopez shoes.

In the downstairs area where Cata de Bombillas y flores was setting up the bridal table the catering of The van Mallorca was doing very tasty things. Everything was going to be made with seasonal and super fresh island products according to the time of the year.

"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca joyas"
"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca pendientes"

When Laura the model was ready we started the shooting that we had already planned. I already knew where I wanted to put Laura and it was all very fast and well coordinated. We were so excited about how everything was going that we almost didn’t notice that time was passing and the sun was setting behind a mountain earlier than we thought it would.

We made good use of all the beautiful locations that Finca Osa Mayor has for this wedding editorial in Mallorca.

"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca catering"

At the end we all toasted together for what had been a good team work, looking forward to more editorials and work together. Many thanks to Vanesa and Neus from Juliet’s for trusting me, it is always a pleasure to work with them. I congratulate them for the great quality of the work they always do. I’m sure we will see each other very soon in fabulous weddings in Mallorca.

"ALT"editorial de boda en Mallorca decoración jaiak"

Wedding editorial in Mallorca

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