Valentine’s Day in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Valentine’s Day in Mallorca

When it comes to weddings, it’s all about love. I always ask my couples how they met. How long they have been together and who proposed to whom. All our couples arrive at their wedding date in love, it’s something we adore. And if there is a hyper-mega-romantic date that is without a doubt Valentine’s Day in Mallorca.

This island is pure magic, you just have to take a drive and see these incredible places. The stone walls set one by one with those immense green fields. The sheep or horses that you can see from the car window. Everything is beautiful and idyllic, it looks like something out of a Kenneth Branagh film.


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It can be said that if you are in love and you are on the island you have it easy to succeed on Valentine’s Day in Mallorca. There are many ways to surprise your partner and if you want, here are a few tips.

Tips for Valentine's Day in Mallorca

First you have to be clear about what your skills are. To put it bluntly, if you can cook, you’ve already won a lot of points. There is nothing more romantic than having a dinner at home made by you. If you don’t know how to cook you can always sign up for an online express course to learn how to make pasta. It may be the simplest in the world and not require a lot of things but if the kitchen smells of cheese and truffle, you’ve already won.


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Wine or champagne is a very important thing, you can get advice from two wonderful places here in Palma. One of them is La Viniloteca in the centre, where you will get the best organic wine in the world. Another place I love is Bar La Sang. There the selection is brutal and Luca will help you choose for your Valentine’s Day in Mallorca.

If you find that cooking is not your thing, there is the alternative of going to one of the best restaurants on the island. I can give you two incredible places where you’ll get it right. One of them is the Almaq Restaurant on the roof-top of the Hotel Es Princep. Without a doubt one of the best sunsets in Palma. With the cathedral in the background, romanticism is guaranteed. Another restaurant is Sumaq in the Santa Catalina district. You will live an incredible gastronomic experience with the Peruvian flavours that the chef knows so well how to create.


Romantic plans in Mallorca

Other plans you can make is to go and watch the sunset from one of the island’s incredible viewpoints. Without a doubt the most famous and perhaps the best is Sa Foradada near Deia. You can go there by car and enjoy the wonderful February sun that these days turns an incredible orange.

Perhaps earlier in the day you can take your partner for a wine tasting in one of the island’s wineries. Mallorca is full of great wines and many wineries offer wine tastings and visits to customers.

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One of them is Macia Batle, near Santa Maria, which opens its doors to anyone who wants to taste its wines. You can taste 4 wines and taste the delicatessen they make, their virgin olive oil and their special pates. Another winery to visit is the Bodega Ribas. An 18th century wine cellar where they explain the history and elaboration of the wines. Undoubtedly something very interesting and fun to do as a couple.

Gifts for Valentine's Day in Mallorca

The question of gifts is another thing to do for Valentine’s Day in Mallorca. Maybe you know exactly what to get because your partner has been giving you hints. You have to keep your ears open and make a mental note of these things when you have a partner. This is more of a basic rule of thumb for life than a Valentine’s Day tip. And if you don’t know what to give, there are always tickets to a concert. Just make sure it’s something your partner likes, don’t fall into disgrace with this. If you like reggaeton and she likes Pablo Alborán then don’t mess it up…. A bouquet of roses will never go amiss. For this I recommend Floristeria Majoris. Gabriela will make you the most beautiful bouquet in the world with which you will triumph. Another good idea are books, which are always a good gift idea.

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A very original and special idea is to give a photo session as a gift for a couple. As a photographer in Mallorca I would be delighted to do a session for both of you. You can choose a special place that you like. Maybe you have a common hobby that you love to do together. It could be cycling or maybe playing paddle tennis. Maybe you like to spend the day together at home cooking or having a glass of wine. We can go away for a couple of hours to take some unforgettable photos that will last a lifetime.

Lo más importante es que estáis juntos y os queréis, hoy en día es lo más bonito. Hagas lo que hagas tu pareja se va a sentir un poco más enamorada de ti solo por la intención. Así que disfrutar mucho de San Valentín en Mallorca y ya me contareis.

Valentine's Day in Mallorca

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