Themed weddings in Mallorca

by Inma del Valle
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Themed weddings in Mallorca


You already have the ring, the date, the restaurant and the guest list. Instead of being calm, you have had an idea hanging around your head for several days. You want your wedding not to be like the others. You want it to be historic, to enter the Guinness Book of Records as the most original wedding.

I have already warned you in another post that trying to overcome Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos with the dragon was complicated, if not impossible… Even so, you want to try. You know that if you put your mind to it, you can succeed.

Maybe you are so sure of your creativity that you google original ideas to celebrate your wedding. Then you write down on a piece of paper a long list of options with their pros and cons to expose them to your partner tonight. You want to be prepared and make a Power Point presentation with all the options of themed weddings in Mallorca.


-Good night, darling. How was your day? -Would you like a glass of wine? -He looks at me with some suspicion. I’d better tell him straight away. -By the way, have you thought about the theme of the wedding yet?

Theme? -What theme? I don’t understand you. I thought that our wedding was going to be something simple and traditional…, like us.

-If you think I’m simple and traditional, you don’t know me. You still haven’t discovered the creative and original woman inside me… -He turns around so that I can’t see the face he’s putting on… -I’ve been thinking for days that I want people to remember us for something more… If our wedding were a book I would want it to be a best seller. Are you getting the idea?

-What do you have in mind? If you are thinking about it, it is because you already have a list of all the options. Oh my God! Have you made a Power Point presentation? This is worse than I thought. You don’t want me to dress up as Doraemon? I know it’s your favourite series, but get it out of your head.

-You’re an idiot. Not Doreamon, not Nobita Nobi. I haven’t lost my way. I have other much better options.

-Start as soon as possible. I’m all ears.


-Where are you and I going to get a medieval castle? If you want, I can make it in the carpentry and then you colour and decorate it. -My boyfriend can’t stop laughing as he repeats it out loud.

-We don’t need a castle. A tent would be enough. We can send the invitations in old Spanish, with medieval calligraphy.

-Great, so that nobody can understands them, Hahaha.

-Stop laughing, you idiot. We can put a code so that people can translate them. And we would need candles, candelabras and the earthenware. There are also games to be played: archery, knights’ fighting, inserting the horseshoes… We could even organise a falconry exhibition. The ring could come in a hawk’s beak. Isn’t that great?

– Go to the second option please. -He can’t stop laughing as he wipes the tears from his cheeks. I don’t know how to subtly tell you that this option doesn’t convince me.

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-We live in Madrid. Where do you plan to moor the boat, in the Retiro Park?

-If you keep on cracking up like this, I’ll go with my presentation of themed weddings in Mallorca somewhere else. I don’t need a boat, but we can send the written invitations on a parchment inside a bottle. Besides, if people don’t want to come in disguise, we can put a treasure chest with all kinds of hats, swords, patches, parrots… whatever it takes to make people stand out. It would be the perfect way to save on food and cutlery. We put roast meat to eat with our hands and snacks.

-And drink rum from the morning. Sorry, go to the third option. This one also makes water everywhere.

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-Exactly which character are we talking about?

-If I can choose, I prefer the Little Mermaid and you would be Prince Eric.

-Thank you for not forcing me to dress up as Sebastian the crab. -That’s great!

-We could hang jellyfish-shaped lamps above the tables. I’ve seen a red wig on Amazon that comes to me below my waist.

-Are you aware that the Little Mermaid didn’t speak?

-I hadn’t thought of that. I’ll move on to the next option.

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-We can tell people to choose a character from the 7 kingdoms.

-Weddings in Game of Thrones never end well, honey. Every love affair in the series was followed by carnage.

-You don’t stop putting obstacles in the way, and don’t spoil me on top of that.

-It’s the truth… a poisoning, a sexual assault, a suicide, the death of a baby dragon and two beastly murders. I don’t know if I want to try to see what happens in ours.

-You’re boycotting all my great ideas so maybe you’re right and it doesn’t end up the best way either.

-Do you plan to decorate the place with deer, direwolves and dragons?

-I thought a few candles and skulls would be more than enough.

-Do you have any other options? Because up to now, I prefer to remain the traditional and simple Loly and Sergio.

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– This is the best. I don’t really know why I’m telling you this without having patented it first. Swear to me that you won’t tell anyone because I know that it will succeed in the future.

-Don’t worry, honey, I don’t feel like being laughed at anywhere. Explain to me what the wedding theme is.

-We dress up in jeans and T-shirt and the rest of the guests have to go dressed as bride and groom with the clothes they wore on their wedding day. If they haven’t got married yet, they can rent wedding dresses or wear something characteristic of a bride or groom. Can you imagine the faces of the people when they see dozens of brides and grooms arriving at the church?

-How many guests do you think will still fit into their wedding gowns? -Hahaha. I’m about to bet that most of them will have gained an average of 10 kilos since then and this confinement hasn’t exactly helped.

-Are you going to keep objecting to everything? I have no more options. They are all fantastic. You can’t say no to all of them.

-And super original and innovative. I’m sure they haven’t been done before.

-Let me tell you that I’m still regretting having told you about option number five because I haven’t found it on the internet and it is only mine.

– Well, if we want to get over Pilar Rubio and Sergio Ramos, I’ll go for option number 5. I’m not so sure about my mother’s willingness to get into her wedding dress again.

Themed weddings in Mallorca

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